Diagnosing ALS

In this Lee Memorial Health System video, discover why so many issues surrounding ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, are a mystery, including what causes it. Nevertheless, doctors have no doubt about its progression. They believe they can provide people with this fatal disease some relief if they can diagnose it early enough.

Learn more about ALS here: http://bit.ly/ALSNewsToday

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  1. Denver says:

    My brother has ALS and my family and siblings are devastated with this diagnoses, especially since we are all trying to do all possible to keep him hopeful. Im surprised that their is no cure, and I hope to god its not because of what would be lost if they found a cure. Like co payments, insurance, nuerologist, and protocals that are up 1000s of dollars per year. Currently he lives on disability and his co pay is almost 7k. How will he be able to pay for that! This disease needs to be analyzed and medicare really needs to know how to treat it, when people a dieing they do not need to worry about co pays that are almost 7K, because of a elevator lift.

    I will need to look at a grant to help him. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

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