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      Dagmar Munn

      Many members of this forum are tracking the progress of AMX0035 as it makes its way through the drug approval system. News and announcements are coming in from many sources. Let’s use this “topic discussion thread” to collect news on this proposed new ALS treatment, your questions about it, and any other thoughts related to AMX0035.

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      Dagmar Munn
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      Kathy stitz

      When will AMX0035 be available to ALS patients?

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      Here is a link to a very meaningful article about AMX0035, including some of the history behind it.  I know one of these compounds has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.


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      Jens Buss

      Hello everybody

      amx 0035 is availabel allready … you just have to buy TUDCA and you need a doctor for presciption of

      Ammonaps which is the trading name for Natriumphenylbutyrate.

      I am doing exactly this medication since about 4 weeks now and I still feel good, no perceptible change in progress of the disease and no side effects.

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      Hi, I’m new to the forum, but have been reading a few articles from the forum over the last month, very informative! I’ve had ALS for two years now, it’s been difficult for all of us! I’m glad I can still walk abit (with walker) and have the use of my arms and using noninvasive ventilation at night now. Staying positive and not stressing out is so important! I wanna get to the point/topic. The past 2 months I’ve been taking an array of supplements, TransResveratrol, Curcumin, Glutathione and Co-Q10 etc. During my research/reading I came across some information about Amx0035 (Sodium Phenylbutyrate) and Tudca (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid). Tudca is inexpensive and overall easy to obtain, but the Sodium Phenylbutyrate is very expensive (1,000-5,000usd). I read an article which claims there is a possible substitute for Sodium Phenylbutyrate. I will put a link below! The article/study says Sodium Benzoate (inexpensive/10.00usd and easily found) can be a substitute or can be mixed with Sodium Phenylbutyrate of course lowering costs. If this is true, more people should know about it and of course I could be wrong or my theory is wrong, but wanted others to look into it. Please read the article and look into the two drugs used in Amx0035. Do you think Sodium Benzoate can replace Sodium Phenylbutyrate effectively? Wanted everyone to be aware of above info and please research it! Opinions are welcomed.. Wishing everyone all the best and stay strong!

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      Participant                                                                     Above is the link to a Study with Sodium Phenylbutyrate (used in Amx0035) and Sodium Benzoate. The results of the study are on the page toward the bottom, click. If the link doesn’t work, I’ll repost it! Keep in mind, many of these drugs are recycled and can treat several medical issues, as the above study dealt with hyperammonemia. Best Regards, Jim

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        It says “Conclusion: Phenylbutyrate was more effective than benzoate at disposing of nitrogen. Increasing phenylbutyrate dose may not result in higher nitrogen excretion due to decreased conjugation efficiency at higher doses. Combinatorial therapy with phenylbutyrate and benzoate has the potential to significantly decrease treatment cost without compromising the nitrogen disposal efficacy”…I guess that is why we stay with SPB as a preferred choice …. the “may” has not been investigated nor tried as far as I saw …sadly !… I am wondering if TUDCA by itself is not as efficient as combined with SPB at slowing down the ALS symptoms progression…I am reluctant to take that SPB which was said to be neurotoxic …. any thoughts on this?


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      If there is any article/trial which states Sodium Benzoate can be neurotoxic, I’d definitely stay away from Sodium Benzoate! Looks like Tudca and many other supplements have shown ‘Promise with slowing progression! Best stick with the supplements that have some solid foundation within trials and light exercise (my opinion)! Thank you Isabella for your input! All the Best!

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      Suzanne Gallo

      My PALS neurologist at Penn ALS clinic gave him a script for Sodium Phenylbutyrate. It was over $1000 copay to fill at Walgreens. He has Medicare and AARP UH supplemental and AARP UH pharmacy benefits. I was advised to appeal our insurers decision not to cover Sodium Phenylbutyrate. Ask for a second opinion on the denial from a neurologist- making sure that neurologist knows how close AMX0035 is to being approved by the FDA……

      anyone have any luck appealing coverage of sodium phenylbutyrate?? We could sell our house, but, idk- where would we go?

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      I think it’s interesting to note that two letters were sent to the NEJM after the AMX0035 results were published.

      The authors of the second letter to NEMJ affirm that only TUDCA is effective and therefore that the dual therapy proposed by Amylyx has little interest. The principal investigators’ response is that these are studies with different methodologies and therefore no conclusions can be drawn.

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      Dagmar Munn

      Webinar: An Update on the CENTAUR Trial: a Trial of AMX0035 in ALS

      Monday, May 17, 2021
      2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT
      To register:

      Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD, Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS at Mass General Hospital.
      Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS at Mass General Hospital,
      Please these two presenters for a conversation about the results of this trial and the next steps for AMX0035.

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      Tomasz Boski

      hmmm, I am on TUDCA for 3 years……..not so many benefits

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      Dagmar Munn


      Trial Data Not Enough for AMX0035 Approval, FDA Committee Votes – – read article here:

      Message from the ALS Association:

      The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is reviewing Amylyx Pharmaceutical’s AMX0035 and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America’s (MTPA) oral edaravone. Their review will make a “value assessment” on these new therapies which will impact decisions on cost and access made by private and public insurance such as Medicaid at the state level and Veteran’s Affairs at the federal level. ICER’s value assessment uses methodology which has been called discriminatory by the National Council on Disability, a trusted advisor of the President and Congress.
      Please read a blog here that provides more details. In the blog, Daniel Cramer, associate director of public policy initiatives, shares his thoughts on the ICER review through the lens of his family’s experience navigating ALS. Daniel shares what “value” meant to his mother and how value assessments—like the ones ICER uses—do not take patient and caregiver views of value into consideration.
      Sign the petition to tell insurers and policymakers to ensure people living with ALS have immediate, full coverage and affordable access to new therapies.

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      It seems to me that “Target ALS” is one of the few ALS organizations that does not claim any intellectual property over the research it funds.

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      We all want something to address this disease, but I fail to understand what all of the commotion is about. Perhaps it MAY extend life by 6 months but if you are in the advanced stage of ALS you may not want to live longer. It may slow the progression which is good but apparently 6 no’s is meaningful,  at least for me, binding or not.

      There is a Phase 3 trial that I think has merit.
      Safety and Efficacy of TUDCA as add-on Treatment in Patients Affected by ALS


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        I understand your opinion and your post response. My father felt similarly regarding ALS treatments. He did not want to live longer because of his quality of life being poor in his opinion. He did not seek medical attention or take anything to address ALS or any of the symptoms. The only time he accepted medical assistance was when he wanted Hospice in the picture. That was in 2013.  He had taken care of his father, and helped with both of his sisters and my cousin (all who had ALS).  He clearly knew what to expect and made his choices being well informed at the time.

        I’m not suggesting this is the right path for every pALS, or the only path by any means. I know that each pALS is different and their needs are different.  Being that I am in a pre-fALS study, I tend to look towards and focus on the research that could possibly help to identify ALS earlier using biomarkers and target preventing the onset and/or stop the progression of the disease regardless of the stage.  Those are some of the areas that the pre-fALS study is targeting.  All of the research is important and like all of us in our community, I want everything that will help all pALS at every stage easily accessible and affordable.


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      Yes Amanda, anything that will slow it and of course anything that will stop it entirely. So long as the cure is not worse than the disease. I think it is initially caused by a virus that alters the genes that causes one to be susceptible to the cascade of neuron events that lead to this.

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        I have to agree with you, Duane. For those of us who are in the late stages of ALS it’s hard to cheer for any treatment that will prolong our lives. I hope that those of you who are in earlier stages and are doing the research will find the right path for you and help future pals live longer and better lives.

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      Sandra mcleod

      I would like to know if people saw results after taking amx0035 and how long after taking it did they see any improvement

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      I think you just have to believe the study results forAMX 0035. The improvement is small enough you need the study., I don’t believe it to be enough that people could tell the slow progression change. I would not trust opinions positive or negative. Hopefully phase 3 willl bring stronger results. I’ve read so many reviews of Radicava and Riluzole where people said that couldn’t tell if they helped but studies report they do.

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      Sandra Isaacsoln

      My physician contacted the company administering the EAP program. This is the first paragraph of their response. ” Thank you for your patience. Amylyx are only able to support a limited number of sites for this Expanded Access Program and so we recommend referring your patients(s) to one of activated sites that are published on [] for treatment. Please also note there are a limited number of patient slots available through the Amylyx EAP prior to potential commercial launch availability as well.”

      Not very encouraging. I also scanned the FDA Advisory Committee’s 50 page report. There is a short summary in the April 1, 2022 edition of GlobalData Healthcare. The bottom line seems to be that the study results to date are not statistically significant. I’m also a bit concerned that the articles in the healthcare literature note that the studies reported on are funded by Amylyx.  For 20 years I worked in Federal research organizations. We always thought that research studies funded by the organization with a vested interest were not necessarily the best studies. Hopefully, that is not the case here. I have been very hopeful that AMX3500 does slow down progression.  I have been taking 1000 grams of TUDCA twice a day. I have know way to tell if it is working. But, I have no side effects because I use it, so I take it and hope.

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      I have been a participant in the clinical trail  of AMX 0035 since 2018.  Below is the public testimony I gave to the FDA at the hearing.  My response to AMX0035 may not be typical, however I believe there were other case similar to mine.  

      I was diagnosed with ALS in December 2017. I have been a participant in the Centar Clinical Trial since March 2018.

      At the time of my diagnosis in the 2017 I was experiencing great weakness in my arms and with my hand grip strength. I was having hand tremors that required 2 hands to hold a cup of coffee.  Dressing was extremely difficult, I needed assistance to pull up my pants, buttoning and zipping them required help or adaptive tools.   I could not get my arms up high enough to put on T-shirts by myself.  I was also experiencing muscle twitches in my lower back upper arms left front neck and occasional drumming in my ears.

      Walking had become extremely difficult I required a wheelchair to get to my appointments throughout the Mayo clinic during my diagnosis in December. I was fitted with a brace at that time to help address the extreme case of foot drop.

      Upon my return home I was put on prescriptions of Riluzole and  Radicava.  I was asked by my neurologist if I would be interested in participating in a clinical trial for a new drug. I agreed and began the trial in March 2018. My first strength  assessment found my grip strength in my right and hand of 18 pounds my arm and leg strength was extremely low 32 pounds arm flexing was extremely weak.

      I had to stop working in my store as I I no longer have the strength or stamina to stock shelves or help customers.

      I had starting to notice an improvement in my strength and mobility by June 2018. In August I built a 100 square-foot deck digging post holes pouring concrete cutting lumber and attaching the deck. My wife and I began to travel again and I no longer needed a wheelchair to get around airports although I  was still using the brace at that time.  And by the end of the year in 2018 hours again able to work overseeing the daily operations of my business.

      This drug has greatly improved my quality of life and that of my wife, children and grandchildren. Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic we were regularly traveling, we have walked many miles touring Europe,  China and Tibet.  Two years before I would’ve never thought this to be possible.

      My health and strength seem to stabilize although I’m not back to 100%. My hand grip strength is now back to normal for a man of my age. I am fully independent and capable living a quality life. AMX 35, for me has been a life-changing drug.


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        Vance, do you have any video footage of the way you were before and after taking AMX?

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      Dagmar Munn

      Vance, thank you for sharing your experiences and your FDA hearing testimony with us. I wonder if these questions were ever posed to you:

      – You began taking Radicava and Riluzole shortly after being diagnosed in December 2017.
      – A year later, in March 2018 you began AMX0035, along with continuing Riluzole and Radicava.
      – You began noticing strength improvement 3 months later… and built a deck for your home 2 months later. (5 months since starting AMX0035).

      How can you attribute the positive changes to only AMX0035? Could it be possible that the combination of the 3 drugs worked synergistically? In only 3 years you went from weakness and needing a wheelchair to walking independently, traveling and trekking China and Tibet – – remarkable, indeed.

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