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    • Hi Danielle,
      Thanks for your advise. Lisa I believe, is on the list for the Healy Trial but it is only in five states right now, Her doctor thinks it will be in her area in October. That one looks very promising. I do thing there is a lot more attention to ALS now and I am hopeful that , if not a cure, something to prolong life, till there is one and anything will be pushed through quickly and not sit in congress forever.!! I am constantly looking up things on the internet and I think that is where I get in trouble as one looks good, then I find another and I think that one looks better and then I wonder which one?? Lisa’s doctor is doing the Clenbuterol one at Duke so she got in that one as there was nothing else at the time. I Like the ones without the placebo. With such short life spans a placebo takes months of precious time. I know they are needed, but it is a difficult call. I keep thinking take everything out there that is already on the market but Iknow that is crazy but when desperate I say Try them all!!
      Again, thanks and I will try to look that up on an old facebook a/c I have. I don’t to any social media at 87 I have an old Jitterbug phone that suits me for what i want, which is a phone for emergencies while in the car. Again, thanks,

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