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    I played Football only through High school, afterward I went into construction but continued to workout (run, weight lifting, HIIT, Cross Fit, and MMA), I eventually into law enforcement.  I’d like to know the % of athletes, former athletes, who contract ALS.

    • Good evening Dean,

      I searched the web for the statistics and was unable to find anything specific regarding how many professional athletes have ALS or a what the percentage of pALS who were athletes. There have been a few studies and articles discussing a correlation between athletes and ALS, but nothing definitive. Some articles suggest that the repeated trauma could cause something that actually mimics ALS, but has a different cause. There is evidence that in 10% of the cases (not athletes specifically) there is a genetic mutation that is linked to ALS. I am not a medical doctor so I can’t tell you exactly what is occurring. I can tell you from my research there are likely several different causes of ALS. With that being said, I don’t believe that a person does something or causes ALS. In fact, it seems that ALS/MND is kind of a “catch all” disease. What I mean is that there are probably different causes that lead to the same outcome. I did find a few articles and websites that might me of interest. As with every topic, we need to keep in mind that everything on the internet is not necessarily fact. If you find any other information please share. I think other members would like to explore the topic as well.

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      Nerve Injury May Trigger Onset, Progression of ALS Symptoms, Rat Study Suggests

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