• Rhonda Hill replied to the topic End of Life Topics in the forum Living With ALS 1 year, 1 month ago

    ( my first time to chime in on any subject ) Hello. I am my X husband’s care giver. He has been diagnosed with ALS for just over a year now. Any time I bring up a living will or healthcare …any end of life subject , he tells me , now is not a good time. Maybe as John mentioned, getting a none family member to talk him through this would be better. Am I expecting too much out of him ? Is it too soon ? He had a cold this last week and scared me to death. I just knew this was the end for him ! But he is getting better. This made me more worried about his end of life plans not being taken care of.
    It’s not death that scares him , I think he thinks we ( me and the kids ) can take care of these things as they come up ?

    • Rhonda, I think your concerns are realistic. You are in a difficult position. After the year and a half living through a pandemic, well, I think we all need to give consideration to end of life wishes and procedures. ALS, Covid, accidents, (endless list) they all happen and sometimes the end is much sooner than we anticipate. Perhaps getting a close friend to intervene is an option. Is there someone that your ex trusts and usually listens to?

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