Living With ALS


“This video by the The ALS Association Evergreen Chapter, showcases Pat and Jenny Dwyer and Melissa Erickson and their journey with ALS.”

Learn more about ALS here:

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  1. Terri Metz says:

    I have been recently diagnosed with ALS – I am now walking with a walker and so far doing OK. I am on Riluzole but now my doctor is talking about Radicava infusions. I am completely undecided if I want to do the infusions – so many side effects and does it really help slow down the ALS process. I can’t seem to find any informative information on the Internet. I would like to hear what other ALS patients are doing on the Radivava. Can’t even find a message board talking about this. Thank you

  2. My sister was diagnosed July 2017 with ALS and she is severly depressed. He physcologist prescribe Resperdol which made her worse. Also why does it take a over a year to have a social worker come to the house. It seems to me that the ALS clinic at Stony Brook NY only sees their ALS patients every 3 months. How does this benefit the patient? The conditions of ALS patients changes sometimes every few days, so I would think they should be seen at least once a month by their team. She has the upper motor neuron and now she is showing signs of lower mnd. How can we get the help she needs to be comfortable at home?

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