6 ALS Therapies to Improve Quality of Life



Eating healthy is extremely important in all circumstances in life, especially if your health is affected. Having a nutritional support team means that a patient will have someone to work with in order to ensure the food they’re eating and their daily habits are the most suitable choices. It’s important to remember that, over time, patients may lose their ability to chew and swallow as they used to, so the nutritional team will make sure that patients are eating foods that are easy to swallow and meet their nutritional needs.

Wondering about nutrition and ALS? Find out more about it here.

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  1. Carol Mongiello says:

    You stated physical therapy will help ALS patients to improve and strengthen their muscles. So does this mean their muscles may be stronger but they have no ability to use these muscles? As in the case of rapid progression ALS. I’m having difficulty understanding this.

    • John says:

      Carol, as a fellow ALS patient, who does many exercises every day, but is still gradually losing strength, I think that your muscles won’t become stronger, but will be stronger than they would otherwise be.

  2. I live with ALS I went to physical therapy after spinal fusion surgery. I really pushed myself to get my legs and back stronger after surgery .It stopped progressing as I’d like. I decided to go see a neurologist and after tests was diagnosed with Als 😢

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