• Allen Lewis replied to the topic How do you prepare for the “not so ordinary” emergency? in the forum Living With ALS 1 year, 4 months ago

    At one-year plus from als diagnosis I still have virtually full use of my limbs, can walk, drive etc. without problem. But I get cold sweats behind the wheel just imagining an accident or a traffic stop, because I CAN’T FRIGGING TALK! My mouth has ceased to function. (I believe it’s called bulbar onset). When I open my mouth to speak what comes out is saliva and incomprehensible drivel. My solution: I take my wife almost everywhere I want or need to go. And I take her anywhere she needs to go. We’re both long retired so she doesn’t mind, and appreciates the chauffeur service since she doesn’t drive. And, thanks to unspoken signals, signs and body language accrued over 36 years of marriage she understands about 90 percent of what I’m trying to say. So, that’s my emergency prep.

    • Allen, that is an awesome share!! I love the way you two support each other even in the face of challenges!

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