• Allen Lewis posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Question: Has anyone had any first-hand experience with stem cell therapy for ALS? There are a couple of new, high-tech and very pricy clinics in the city where I live. The have lavish advertising on the Internet making wild claims, mostly about anti-aging and youth restoration, but also about slowing and in some case reversing the symptoms of ALS. The few video testimonials from ALS patients were not impressive. Ex- one wheel-chair bound man was ecstatic over the fact he could once again use a knife and fork to feed himself (sort of). I asked my neurologist about it and she was unimpressed, said there were no serious studies on use of any sort of cell therapy and too many unknowns, like sites and methods for extracting stem cells, where, how and in what proportions to introduce them to the patient, and most important the risks involved. I tend to agree.

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