• Brad replied to the topic Caregivers Check in in the forum A​ ​Forum​ ​for​ ​ALS ​Caregivers​ 1 year, 7 months ago

    My PALS was just formally diagnoses with Bulbar ALS back in mid summer, but it was suspected for almost a year now. Still fully ambulatory but with a PEG tube (unable to swallow anything), very difficult speech issues, and deteriorating respiratory system but with only NIV respirator. She still can walk level over 2 miles, quilts and reads voraciously. Best of all, she wakes up each morning with a smile on her face, an “I Love You”, a steady stream of email, snapchats, etc, and it continues throughout the day. She is a person of faith and has many emotionally close (but physically distant) family who support her by phone and social media.

    In spite of knowing of the challenges and the fate she faces, we are determined to face them together and are more in love than any time in our 52 year marriage. She is literally an “angel in waiting”.

    So in short, love conquers stress (so far).

    • Brad,
      That is a beautiful post. Faith and love can definitely help people going on the ALS journey. You and your wife are very fortunate to have one another. Please keep us posted on how you are both doing. She does sound amazing!

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