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77 year old elderly white female is what I’m classified as on my medical records! WRONG I’m a woman with late onset Bulbar PLS that took frustrating years to get diagnosed which was made through an email from the Mayo neurologist’s nurse 2 weeks after spending 10 days there March 2020 COVID time! Married 56+ years, 2 perfectly amazing children and 5 more amazing grands from Baltimore to San Francisco. We live in central Illinois same 1858 farm house for 54 years have dog and motor home so I can travel to family, Presently do wall yoga 4 days week keeps me mobile and breathing (60%) lung function and considering voice program in article for newsletter as speech path at ALS clinic basically said nothing would help but device which I have Dynavox tablet, rarely use but need too. Creating a new life isn’t easy but the choice not too isn’t an option so I quilt, cook some, read slowly and try to be thankful that I’m still upright, my limbs work somewhat, my family is on board even though not in person and I live with someone who doesn’t understand half what I say, thinks my crooked¬† drooling smile is perfect and says I’m the bravest person he knows! Keep on truckin for now – 2001 Red Ford Ranger!

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6 years

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