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My name is Gail and my husband, Henry, was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS in Jan. 2019, though symptomatic since Aug. 2017.  His only symptom for all that time was dysarthria which probably explains the delay in a diagnosis. The dysarthria culminated in a complete loss of speech by late 2018. Difficulty with swallowing followed and he had a PEG tube procedure in Oct. 2019. Gradually other symptoms have emerged; now he is in a wheelchair and has paralysis in his left arm and hand. The right hand is losing strength now as are his legs.

We have been married 20 years (this August 4th) and I am his caretaker and advocate, devoted to making our life as happy as possible. Mostly, we are a team as we tackle this cruel and horrific disease and its endless ways to present challenges and disappointments in this chapter of our life.

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