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My husband was diagnosed on 5/14/19, after 7 months of searching for an answer…labs to test every known enzyme, mineral and other miscellaneous values, two MRI’s, xrays, doctor visits, cognitive tests, lumbar puncture and finally, an abnormal EMG.  As much as we wanted an answer, something to “call it”, we did NOT want the answer to be ALS.  He just turned 60 last week, and we still have two teenagers in our home, and one determined almost-college-graduate, aged 21.  This is quite a shock.  We are set up for a second opinion at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, but that brings as much anxiety as the last 7+ months…if it is ALS, that sucks.  If it isn’t ALS, then what the heck is it, and can it be cured?

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ALS Website

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possibly anywhere from 1 to 3 years

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