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I have been symptomatic for about five years and got the “official call” two years ago. Thankfully, my tendency to underachieve in life extends to ALS. My symptoms emerge with a firm steadiness but not quicker than my ability to adapt. (Yes, I know there is a tipping point for that equation.) I can still shuffle around behind a walker and I am purposeful about using my physical strength as much as possible. That said, I am safest and most effective in a power chair.

I work online, acting as a leadership coach and  lecturer. Those days seem slightly numbered as my vocal processes become tenuous. One-handed typing is pretty slow so I rely on voice recognition software.  It goes without saying, I work for an extraordinary company.

Resilience, positivity, and humor are my mainstays. And of course, the support and care of my beloved partner.

Hey, were all in it together. I am glad to have found you.

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