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I was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS in June 2023.  My initial symptom was altered speech, which began about a year before I was diagnosed.  I also had frequent coughing and somewhat frequent choking, which turned out to be mostly due to GERD.

I am in my late 60’s. I retired in 2020 from my work in human resources in healthcare, which I found very rewarding.  I am an active volunteer in a number of  organizations and, so far, have been able to continue those pursuits.  I just returned from a church missions trip to Belgium and was able to “carry my load” of responsibilities as well as keep up with the extensive amount of walking when we toured Paris.  I am blessed!  My husband of 46 years and our two grown sons, as well as our extended families and friends, have been very encouraging and supportive.  They have been faithfully praying for me and I believe in the power of prayer and that there is nothing God can’t do.   I am just beginning my third month taking Radicava and Riluzole.  Aside from weakness in my hands and fingers, I have been holding my own physically.  I am glad to have this opportunity to hear from others and learn about how they are coping and discovering various approaches.  Tara Stevens


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