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I am very happily married, have 3 children, 15 years and twins 19 years. I have been very active in sports. I jogged 5 to 15 km a day. I ran marathons. I played soccer 2 to 3 times a week. While jogging, I realized that I could not keep my upper body uphill properly. Since April 2018 I have been looking at doctors, what’s wrong with me. My creatinekinase value is always too high. Rest was all right. In November 2018, I noticed in football that I could no longer coordinate my body properly. I stopped the last sports activities. In December I was immediately dizzy and sick while walking. I could not walk 1000m more. I vomited at night. I got cramps in the stomach and legs. My stomach became a huge ball. The rest stayed thin. The muscles were still working. In June 2019, increased neurofilament levels were detected in cerebral water and the diagnosis ALS. Today the right arm works badly. The rest goes with effort. 

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since april 2018

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