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My wife of 34 years started experiencing symptoms about two weeks after receiving her second Pfizer COVID vaccine shot in March 2021. Initially, she noticed tingling and numbness in her left hand, which gradually progressed to include weakness and reduced mobility in her fingers. Over the months that followed, we visited various healthcare professionals, underwent numerous tests, and eventually received the devastating diagnosis of ALS.


As we grapple with this diagnosis, we can’t help but wonder about the timing of her symptoms and the vaccine. While we’re not making any definitive claims, we’ve come across articles and discussions suggesting potential links between COVID-19 vaccines and neurological conditions like ALS. We’ve included some links below for reference.


In addition to seeking answers about the possible vaccine connection, we’re also exploring other avenues for managing ALS. One idea we’re considering is comparing my wife’s genetic test results from 23andMe with those related to her ALS diagnosis. Our hope is that by focusing on known ALS-causing genes, we might uncover additional insights or potential treatments.


We’re deeply grateful for any prayers, suggestions, or advice you may have as we navigate this challenging journey. We’ve encountered frustrations with misdiagnoses and delays in understanding my wife’s symptoms, but we remain determined to fight this disease and raise awareness of its impact.

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