• Georgi posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    @mrjukebox61 Good day Russell, hope you will be diagnosed with no ALS. I was diagnosed with ALS on 15 March 2021. My diagnose was based on classical ALS EMG findings: fasciculations, fibrilations, PSW and polyphasic MUAPs (plus clean blood and MRI head and full spine to rule out any other conditions). Then I was sent to neuromuscular “specialists”. They still suppress the dx until rule out some very rare conditions that are completely out of my symptoms. Now I pay from my pocket for weird blood tests. Hope you will go to neurologists who know their job.

    • Georgia, thank you for your concern. I look at the atrophy in my left calf and ankle area . It really scares me. I’ve noticed this for 3 weeks now. Along with my fingers aching. I am stressed to the max. I am able to toe raise and heels. I just walked for 2 miles but I feel like I’m walking a lil funny like I’m favoring the skinny leg. My pcp gave me some zanax to calm down. Is the emg a good read on als. I keep watching my leg and my body movements. I honestly believe I have this….

      • I also taken all spinal scans n they were negative

        • Russell, If you are able to walk 2 miles and you have no cramps and you can walk on heel-toe it is very very unlikely that you will be diagnosed with ALS. I know the neuromuscular doctors mindset. They look more on the clinical evidence than the EMG. In my case EMG was indicative in all four ALS readings – fasciculations, fibrilations, positive sharp waves and polyphasic MUAPs and still the young girls (neurologists) at neuromuscular centre at UZ Leuven Belgium called me 5 days after the EMG to tell that they do not see all the evidence for ALS. They could not see all the EMG signals that I mentioned because they were not experienced to see them, and also some signals need time to be detected. I got all the ALS EMG evidence in Bulgaria by an excelled EMG doctor, but she also did not give my the diagnose because at that time I was clinically OK. Overall I do not say you are or you are not at risk of ALS, but be prepared for no diagnose on your birthday tomorrow.

          • Georgi, I got home a few hours ago . I wish I had good news. Im really on the dark n scared right now. The emg was done by another dr. He said I had one abnormality in a small muscle on the left leg which is smaller in size.he said he couldn’t get a response when he stuck needle in there.
            He said the other muscles in my left leg were reactive to the electrical shocks but low . Not like my right leg. I was praying for a clean emg . He said one abnormality isn’t a bad report. So scared now like its inevitable…dont know what to do now

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