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    • Robert.

      I used Radicava for about 3 years beginning in Sept. 2017. All infusions after the first starter round were done at home. For long term use – you will likely need a Power Port placed in your chest (or PICC line in arm) designed for access by a Huber needle or PICC line connector and your RN/LPN/home care giver. Virtually impossible to do alone. Treatments are usually 10 days within a 14 day time period so if you miss a day, there is some flexibility to make up the skipped dose. If doing at home, an RN will likely come out to teach your caregiver how to administer. I had excellent private insurance, not Medicare, and they only paid for at home infusions. Not sure of Medicare or your supplement coverage – best to check now.

      Once you settle into the IV routine – it is about 2 hours start to finish for each infusion. Like any IV type infusion the risks are infection and how well your immune system tolerates plastic inside your body. Radicava seemed to help slow my rate of progression, but after 3 bouts of sepsis, despite being very careful. I have discontinued and looking forward to the oral version now in clinical trial. I have other underlying immune system issues, so I may be unique.

      Hope this helps.

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