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  • A moment for caregivers

    Posted by Amanda on May 21, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    In Kristin’s latest column, she writes about how she focuses on they “why” of care giving, especially on days when things aren’t going smoothly. She finds motivation in the words, “Let’s just call it love.” In her column she explains that those words are quoted from a book.

    I still focus song lyrics of music my father introduced me to when I was a child to help remind me of all the good things we shared  when I was a child, and while he had ALS.  A few Christmases before he passed, I had given my father an Ipod with several playlists I made just for him. One was a Jimmy Buffet playlist with songs he had played for me when I was in grade school. He asked me to play that playlist and make him margarita’s during his final days. It brought both of us comfort and peace.  I still play that playlist and it continues to bring me comfort and bring back fond memories.

    Are there special books, song lyrics or quotes that help you when on tough days? How do you stay focused on the “Why” of care giving?

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