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    Has anyone used Botox injections as a treatment for spasticity? My neurologist recommended I try it at my appointment in December to see if it would relax the muscles in my legs and allow me to walk better. I currently am in a wheelchair 98% of the time but can walk a little and do transfers. I have very strong leg muscles, but it does not matter because the message to move doesn’t get there. I still can leg press 400 pounds at Physical Therapy.

    Botox is a toxin that destroys and weakens muscles, so my most significant concern was what if my muscles weaken too much and I can’t stand. After assurance that the Botox only lasted three months and then my muscles would return to pre-treatment levels, I decided it was worth trying. In early February, I had six injections in my legs for a total of 300 units of Botox.

    Within a week, when in my recliner, I could lift my legs higher and spread them much wider than pre-Botox. I was very encouraged. My PT therapist indicated my legs were significantly more flexible and less rigid. They had always been very tight, and he had struggled to bend them.

    Sadly, the increased flexibility has not transferred into any increase in mobility. Walking and transferring have been slower, with my steps being more of a shuffle. As the Botox has worn off, my shuffling has decreased somewhat.

    I have a meeting with the neurologist giving the injections next week and will listen to his thoughts on how to proceed. As measured by the leg press, my overall leg strength has not diminished. He may recommend a higher dosage to see if that has any effect.

    My question to the forum members is, has anyone ever tried this, and what was the result?



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