• Aloha Frank posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi Kathy. Hope you’re having a reasonably good day today. All we can do is make the best of each and every day, as difficult as that can be. My wife, caregiver and a friend managed to get me downstairs and into the passenger side of my little 1990 Eunos convertible yesterday for a ride around the Island. My good friend Chris from college, who visits me every week, took the wheel. I loved the two-hour ride along the west side of Oahu with warm sunshine and cool wind in my face. Made my day! Wish I could get outdoors more but transporting me up and down stairs is very difficult and dangerous for me and those who must carry me. We’re having an elevator installed in our home that should be completed and operational by the end of the month. Work began on the major project five weeks ago. Once operational I’ll be outside riding my electric wheelchair around the hood and to the park next door every day. Hope you’re able to find moments of joy every now and then too, young lady.

    • Hi frank i will also having a lift so i can get to my sleeping and bathroom ! i live in a small house with lots of stairs and levels. Even the entree to the garden has a stair unfortunately that is stil a problem to solve, but maybe if my husband can find a way to get me down the stairs safely we can sit in the garden with our kids this summer.

      • Thank you Astrid. Nice to hear from you. We thought about installing a lift system but rejected it for several reasons. We instead are having a commercial elevator installed, which should be completed within the next few weeks. We live across the street from the beach and were required by local ordnance to build our home in 2010 a minimum of eight feet off the ground. It’s a large house with everything on one level. With the elevator, I’ll be able to go outside in my chair completely unassisted, which will be awesome. Installing the elevator was a major project that has taken several months to construct/install. We’re almost there! Can’t wait to ride around our hood in my electric chair. We also purchased a specially converted van that I can ride up the motorized ramp with my electric chair and into the front passenger side while my wife or caregiver can drive me anywhere on the Island. I really miss being outdoors to enjoy this great Hawaiian weather and scenery. Hope that you and your family can safely enjoy the good outdoors often. I’m sure your husband will find a way to make it happen. Be strong and stay safe.

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