• I am beginning to rattle with the volume of supplements!

    If I had to choose then I would say that Liposomal Glutathione and Ibulast have when I have stopped taking them shown an observable/ anecdotal acceleration in progression. This may be coincidence but why take the chance. I only take 10mg (1 tab) of ibulast not the 60-100 in the trails. I have found that not all liposomal Glutathione is the same. A perceived decline occurred when I changed brand. I currently use Youth and Earth (I have no affiliation). I also take TUDCA, Mg, Zn, butryate, NAC and Curcumin.

    I am considering pharma GABA and Lions mane extract.

    I try to introduce one product at a time over a period of weeks to see if there any effects adverse or otherwise. Anecdotally, I think reservatrol had an adverse effect.

    As ALS appears heterogeneous everybody should take an individualised cautious approach.




    • Amanda replied 1 year ago

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and making it clear that you are not giving anyone medical advice. This forum is great and our members are wonderful, and especially helpful to each other. Pointing out that each person had individual needs and should be cautious is right on.

      Members, please be sure to talk to your medical team before making any decisions on supplements. You need to make sure there will be no adverse effects or interactions with other medications. Personally, I believe that supplements and alternative therapies are great options, but need to be researched.


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