• Well i spent a few days in boston and had an appointment with dr. Cudkowicz , i was very impressed with her not only as a doctor but as a person. would highly recommend her. now for the visit. in her opinion she did not think another emg was necessary , i was happy because i have had so many i think i could do it to myself. She did say point blank you don’t have als, which i was happy about, she said the saliva problem she thought was an overproduction of saliva rather than any kind of bulbar swallowing issue, she commented that my speech was normal . she did say that she thought i had moderate small fiber neuropathy and ordered a skin punch biopsy . She said that we will have our next appt by phone when the results come back. i want to thank everyone on here for supporting and advising me, you did it with compassion and understanding. its been a terrible three years. i have had a very bad experience on another forum. again thank you and your are all in my thoughts and prayers.


    • Mikael, that sounds like positive news. Please keep us posted. It is wonderful that you found a great doctor that you feel confident in and trust.

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