• Frankie a reex posted an update 2 years ago

    Well the last few days I’ve been planning my death what I am going to do and when right now I am avoiding food. Eating very little for the past 3 weeks.im going to die my way not the way that this nasty ass disease is telling me how I’ll die my way at my time and place I’m not afraid of dying I am afraid of living. I’ve made peace with those who I am leaving behind my upper body hand arms are like 97 % gone. Walking 80 gone breitling not so good..time is running out for me…

    • Frankie,
      I’m so sorry that you are losing your strength and mobility. It makes sense to me that you are focusing on having some control over your choices when ALS has taken so many away. Planning for your departure is understandable if you are nearing the end. Have you discussed your wishes with your loved ones? Have you or your caregiver reached out to Hospice and/or the ALS Association for support and assistance?


      • Does Hospice have counselors or social workers to speak with?

    • Frankie, i hear you and i to am at peace with leaving my body and this disease. You are brave and a good soul! I know this is hard to reach this point but I don’t want my family watching this slow death . Good luck and my thoughts are with you ❤

    • It’s a death sentence ALS I don’t want to live like this its not a life it’s killing me a little bit at a time I just don’t want to be like this anymore I know they’ll find a cure but not in my life time

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