• Frankie a reex posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    @amanda-sifford well things are looking favorably would really love to change that word but at this point I can only say favorable because my diagnoses isn’t 100% complete the doctors that did test on me while in the hospital for not being able to move arms 4 or 5 th time in hospital same symptoms no diagnosis yet they would just do what ever it took to get me in and out 2/18/2019 a neurologist came to me and after researching your medical history and test that’s been done here its our opinion along with your symptoms that you have ALS lou Gehrig’s disease and started explaining what I I’m about to be going through up until the disease takes my life explained how I would die the life expectancy of 2 to 5 years with on average person living only 3 years I’ve never taken any of the meds to slow the lose or slow the symptoms it’s now been 49 months since the first symptoms of ALS so all I’ve really have done is try to keep my muscles in use staying away from pain meds that I believe is doing more damage than good I’ve had no help per-say with help with this disease yet so should I be thinking of life expectancy no I keep fighting to keep my chest muscles but losing head droppings to one side how long do I have or will the medication help slow the remaining function of my body good question I’ve beat the odds I believe so far longer life we’ll see what ever God says or when he says my time is up I’ll know that I am good I pray every day for every person with ALS I’ll be trying to do what ever I can to help find a cure for those behind me my children ALS has came a long way there’s going to be a cure some day soon I pray to be apart of that my first visit with a real doctors that specials in ALS is soon I now have a reason to carry on my children and others
    God bless you and your family

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