• Ann Thomson posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Is leg cramping a common issue with ALS? My husband been suffering with them at night They just started this week

    • Hello Ann – – yes, unfortunately cramping is a common issue. Here is an article that you may find helpful:

      Muscle Pain and Problems in ALS Patients

      I find that daily stretching and range-of-motion exercises have helped me prevent muscle cramping.
      Here is another article that mentions various treatments to help relax the muscles:

      Muscular Symptoms

      • Thank You Dagmar. You always answer me and I really appreciate it. I’m praying that they find a cure or at least a slow down in progression if this horrible disease.
        I was wondering what you think of that HEALEY Trial.? And NurOwn?
        Thanks again
        PS. You and your followers are in my prayers 🙏

        • Hi Ann – – I think the Healey Trial is a great leap forward for ALS research – – being able to test multiple treatments at the same time, is so much better than the old “first one, then the next…” of years past.
          Stem cells are a new frontier and although NurOwn is making progress, it is still a limited treatment in that the effects are temporary and they haven’t yet been able to make motor neuron stem cells. I’m betting on CRISPR gene editing – – which is going to the source of what’s causing our ALS. By altering an individual pALS’s gene structure, it will eliminate/stop the misfolding of DNA entirely.

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