• Ann Thomson posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    My husband was just told he needs a feeding tube (already). So the GI doctor said because of his “condition “ he cannot have general anesthesia so they have to go down his throat. Has anyone had this done this way. I’m so frightened. Why can’t he have it the normal way?

    • Has your doctor mentioned anything about your husband’s FVC (forced vital capacity; aka: lung function) or low blood oxygen? Often anesthesia is not recommended for pALS who have shallow breathing/loss of lung capacity – – because putting the patient under would further slow their breathing down – – risking death.

      This is another reason why I believe it is so important to practice deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises every day, plus, stretch the torso and rib muscles. Maintaining lung capacity is a priority.

      • We just say our GI doc. He said they want the G tube placed because my husband is having trouble with liquids. He coughs alot. So this is a procedure on the cautious side. I keep telling him to take deep breaths. In the nose and out through mouth. Today I told him to him as he is exhaling.
        Thank You Dagmar

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