• Ann Thomson posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning! Hope everyone had a great holiday season in spite of COVID. I was wondering if anyone take Leapxx. My husband is losing so much mobility. I’m desperate to try anything.

    • Hi Ann, Thanks for your question about Leap2BeFit. It is a powder supplement that is added to juice or water and promoted as an energy-strength-memory-muscle- etc., etc. booster (originally marketed to athletes). It came to light in the ALS community about 2 years ago when Mark Manchester, an American ALS patient reported the powder took him from wheelchair & trach to walking and no more symptoms. Although, it seems he is the only one who has had these miraculous results – – he has since become a spokesperson for Leap2BeFit.

      Dr. Bedlack and ALSuntangled published a review (well worth your time to read) of the product this year: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/21678421.2020.1743470 And concluded:

      “Many ingredients contained within LEAP2BFIT could, at least in theory, be beneficial in ALS. Some of these ingredients have supporting animal or human studies. However, it is unknown if these ingredients are being provided in therapeutic quantities since the dosages are not disclosed. Furthermore, it is impossible to know the net positive or negative effect of so many ingredients without carefully testing the combination. Based on the above discussions, we do not currently recommend LEAP2BFIT as a way to slow, stop, or reverse ALS.”

      The product has a hefty price tag as well, compared to purchasing individual antioxidant supplements.

      Bottom line: don’t believe all the social media hype. It is just another “Hope in a Bottle” product with no proven results for the treatment of ALS.

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