• Posted by Amanda on October 7, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    When I go for my visits for the pre-fALS study, I travel to Miami. I recently relocated and now I am just a few hours away. The other day I was driving around and to my surprise I saw a sign that read “ALS Clinic.” I don’t know if I was in Estero or Bonita Springs. I hadn’t even heard of this clinic. I plan on looking up to see if they participate in any type of research that I might be able to volunteer for in the future.

    This had me thinking about some of our members. I know some have mentioned that they drive several hours to get to thier appointments. How far do you drive for your ALS appointments? Does anyone have to fly to get to the clinic of their choice? Has anyone been to more than one clinic and how did the clinics compare/differ?

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