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  • What are your main topics of interest?

    Posted by Amanda on March 1, 2021 at 10:34 am

    We all know that ALS impacts each pALS differently.  There are some commonalities, but I don’t think any two cases are identical.  It makes sense that each of us that have been impacted by ALS would be interested in different areas of research based on our unique experiences and interests. I tend to seek out information specific to the SOD1 mutation when I am reading up on ALS research.  I also focus on the biomarkers studies because I think that is an area that will lead us to a breakthrough.  I am also very interested in ALS and veteran’s because my father did over 20 years in the Navy, and served in Vietnam. Another area that I try and read up on is ALS and mental health, because I think those needs are underserved in our community and can make a huge difference in pALS lives. Are there specific clinical trials you follow and why?  Are there certain doctors or teams that you are the most interested in their research? What areas of research to you seek out and why?

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