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I have had an ALS diagnosis since 7/2014. Pre ALS , I had a 20 acre farmette where I kept horses. I was an avid rider and also enjoyed cycling, skiing and running. My first hint of trouble was occaisional triping while training for a cross country race in Oct. 2013.

My wfie of 53 yrs. has had Parkinson’s for 18 yrs. so it became obvious that the farm must go. We now live in a senior community which has been great under the circumstances. It is not assistive but all housekeeping and maintainence, as well as dinner is provided. So far we handle all of our personal care.

I belong to the ALS Assn. of northern NY, am part of the National ALS Registry and have participated in 1 clinical trial. The lovely quilt covering me in my photo was handmade by a sweet lady in NV. who lost her son, Daniel, to ALS. It was given to me at a visit from Pat Woodward of the Northern NY ALS ASsn.

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Diagnosis 7/2014

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