• Susan Gray became a registered member 3 years ago

    • Hello Susan,
      Welcome to the forum! I am one of the forum moderators, as well as a person who is also living with ALS: I was diagnosed in 2010. If there is anything specific you would like to see discussed on the forum, feel free to post a new topic in any of our forums or jump in on an existing topic. If you have any questions, concerns or even suggestions, just let Amanda (my co-moderator) or me know, and we will do our best to help you. Again, thank you for joining our forum – – I look forward to chatting with you!

      • Thank you, Dagmar. I found this forum in a round-about way as I began research. I was so impressed with your Health and Wellness Blog, and through that learned about Original Strength and Pressing Reset. One thing led to another and I thought I’d just see if there was anything in my area. I put in my zip code and found a Certified Pro in my very town. So I have now started doing the reset exercises. I have found your blog and online book to be extremely helpful as I begin on this path. Thank you for all you and Amanda do.

        • Susan, your comment made my day!!! 🙂 I am SO happy you found my blog helpful AND that you are doing RESETS – – with a Pro, no less! wow 🙂 no….yipee! I still do the RESETS every single day (now 9 yrs.) and credit them with helping to keep me mobile and my brain-muscle communication working. Do let me know if you ever have questions about adapting to different surfaces (bed, floor, chair). You are doing a good thing for your body.

          Best wishes to you this holiday season. Again, we are happy you joined our forum. Dagmar

      • Hi Susan,
        How are you doing? 🙂 Are you able to keep up your OS practice at home? Hope so! Just checking in, to say hi – – “Hi!” 🙂

        • Hi Dagmar,
          I’m doing fine so far. We had been in Florida and got home a couple of weeks ago. Our friends and family who missed us while we were gone couldn’t even give us welcome home hugs. I am keeping up my OS practice at home and am in touch with my “pro” MaryBeth. The resets have been a life saver for me! And I remain thankful that I happened to find you which is how I found OS!

          How are you doing? Hope all is well with you. If I ever get out to Arizona again, I would love to meet you! We were there this past summer, but I didn’t know we had anything in common then if you know what I mean. 😏
          Take Care!

          • Hi Susan, We’re hanging in there. Southern Arizona hasn’t felt the brunt yet … but we’re all complying and staying in. I’m OSing mostly in the morning and crawling at night after dinner. If I miss a day, I feel stiff and tight. If do them, my body is happy. I wish more pALS would try them. We live south of Tucson, so if you’re ever out our way, give me a call 🙂 Have a good week.

    • Hello Susan, and welcome to the ALS forum. I’m Amanda, one of the co-moderators. Thank you for joining the ALS forum. Please take a look at the topics and ongoing discussions. You are invited to join in, comment, ask questions to our members and/or post discussion topics. If there is a topic you would like us to post, just reach out and let us know. We want to help in anyway we can.
      The ALS forum members are a mixed group of people who are all connected to ALS in some manner. A few like myself, have a hereditary predisposition (genetic mutation) to ALS, some volunteer for clinical trials, some are pALS or caregivers, and still others are involved in medical practice or research. The members are willing to share their experiences and information.
      You are welcomed to provide feedback or suggestions for the forum. We strive to cultivate a supportive environment for our members, and we value providing up to date and relevant information.
      Please let us know if you need any information or assistance.

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