Former NFL Linebacker Tim Shaw Fights ALS with Purpose


In this STACK video, meet Tim Shaw.

Calling his battle with ALS “an opportunity, not a tragedy,” former NFL linebacker Tim Shaw hopes to inspire people as he learns to adjust his own expectations in the face of a debilitating disease.

Learn more about ALS here:

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    • Tim Bossie says:

      We are sure to report on the news with this medication is available. Stay tuned or sign up for our email notifications. 🙂

      • Angela Eloy says:

        I am also interested in this medicine Masitinib once I have a sister with ALS! Please I would like to get the address to get information about it! Thanks!

    • Tim Bossie says:

      We are very sorry to hear that your sister is suffering with this. Please, sign up for our email notice and even our Facebook page for continued information on ALS and news on research and treatment.

    • Mona Mezal says:

      Hi my father has been diagnosed with ALS July 2016 and he is on ventilator. Please can you advise when medication is available. Thanks

  1. Wayne Parnow says:

    Hello! My Dear friends, my name is wayne parnow, and I’ve been diagnosed with ALS for the past 30+ years. I unfortunately! Have beenliving in a convenient hospital at Hayward Healthcare and Wellness Center 1805 West Street Hayward California, if anybody would like to write me my email address is [email protected] or I’m on Facebook and Twitter thank! And Godbless you! ?

  2. juan esteban meza moncada says:

    I was diagnosed with ALS two months ago, may 2017. I´ve read about “MASITINIB” produced by Pasteur Lab. in France.
    “EDARAVONE” authorized in Japan since 2015 and F.D.A. in the USA since may 2017 but there´s no information in my country.

    How can I get more information and when these medications would be available in the market?

  3. June Hilmer says:

    My name is June. My best friend since 1974 was diagnosed two years ago. This is a disease from hell. I’ve been with her the whole way. She is awaiting word on the Radicava. We are praying it will be soon. Could you please send her a personal word of encouragement. She’s by herself and not close to family. She’s aphasic and can only text. If you are able please notify me and I will let you have her email address God bless you. If not please keep her in your prayers.

  4. Dr Anthony says:

    US National Library of Medicine
    National Institutes of Health
    Search databaseSearch term
    Advanced Journal list Help
    Journal ListJ Clin Med Resv.8(4); 2016 AprPMC4780495
    Logo of jocmr
    J Clin Med Res. 2016 Apr; 8(4): 317–324.
    Published online 2016 Feb 27. doi: 10.14740/jocmr2495w
    PMCID: PMC4780495
    Efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

  5. Dawn Darling says:

    My boyfriend has PLS. Most scientific research is for ALS but Kris holds on to hope. Kris is in a wheelchair mostly. He refuses to put himself in a motorized wheelchair that would give him more energy. He still works a full-time job and raising 3 teenagers. I hope they find a cure. Every day when I watch his struggles, I have nothing to complain about. Any feedback for help for him would be greatly appreciated. This story really is inspirational. Kris is an inspiration to me. Thanks to all those that really go up and beyond to help people with ALS, PLS, and andy muscular disease. God bless.

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