6 ALS Therapies to Improve Quality of Life


ALS is a disease that progressively shuts down your muscles by attacking certain cells in the brain and spinal cord needed to keep our muscles moving. Eventually, patients will lose their mobility, have trouble moving, walking, swallowing and even breathing. There is no known cure for ALS and the treatments available only slow the progression of the disease a little. But there are certain therapies that can help with the day-to-day life of patients.

Here’s a list of six ALS therapies to improve quality of life (source: Mayo Clinic):


As times goes by, ALS patients will end up having difficulties with breathing as their muscles become weaker. To help with breathing, doctors usually test patients’ breathing capacity regularly and may provide devices to assist breathing at night. In some cases, it may be necessary for patients to breathe through mechanical ventilation; a tube is inserted in a surgically created hole at the front of the neck leading to a patient’s windpipe (tracheostomy), and the tube is connected to a respirator to help with the breathing.

Read more about respiratory options and decisions for ALS patients.

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  1. Carol Mongiello says:

    You stated physical therapy will help ALS patients to improve and strengthen their muscles. So does this mean their muscles may be stronger but they have no ability to use these muscles? As in the case of rapid progression ALS. I’m having difficulty understanding this.

    • John says:

      Carol, as a fellow ALS patient, who does many exercises every day, but is still gradually losing strength, I think that your muscles won’t become stronger, but will be stronger than they would otherwise be.

  2. I live with ALS I went to physical therapy after spinal fusion surgery. I really pushed myself to get my legs and back stronger after surgery .It stopped progressing as I’d like. I decided to go see a neurologist and after tests was diagnosed with Als 😢

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