6 Coping Strategies to Help You Process an ALS Diagnosis


Stay Positive 

Although ALS is a fatal disease and doctors usually give patients a life expectancy of between three and five years post-diagnosis, many ALS patients live 10 years or longer. In addition, science and medicine are constantly moving forward, coming up with new treatments, drugs, and equipment which can make life more comfortable and possibly extend your life.

Find out how assistive technology is helping ALS patients get the most out of life. 

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  1. Kim Persaud says:

    Als patients are the strongest and bravest people on earth. All these organizations claiming to help people living with als by given equipments.
    Please have a heart and fight to get Nurown and Edaravone available for als patients.
    It doesn’t look like anyone cares about a cure this might stop all their fundings.
    5600 people lives doesn’t seems to matter.

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