How Speech-Language Therapists Can Help ALS Patients

In this video from Eugene Speech-Language Therapy LLC, Eugene explains some of the ways that a speech-language therapist can help those who suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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She shares that speech therapy can help with swallowing, which will increase the pleasure of eating. As the disease progresses, speech therapists can work with ALS patients to help prolong speech for as long as possible and develop strategies for better speech. Speech therapists also work with the families and caregivers of ALS patients to help them better understand their loved ones and develop new ways to communicate.

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  1. John Stires says:

    Telling a patient they have ‘the worst possible disease’ is worse than a crap sandwich. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you change the wording to something like “a seriously challenging condition” or words to that effect. Whomever let THIS verbiage get posted needs a hammerhead-cycle right in the forehead.

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