James Clingman, Columnist —

James Clingman lives in Easley, South Carolina with his wife Sylvia. He was diagnosed with ALS, August 23, 2013 with symptoms since 2009. His goal is to expand awareness and knowledge of all facets of ALS as well as other lesser-known diseases and encourage everyone to acknowledge the blessing of life no matter what hand they are dealt. He is also a former adjunct professor, author, and business consultant.

Articles by James Clingman

Who Cares for the ALS Caregiver?

Often, as we discuss the ravages of disease, we give short shrift to one of the most vital aspects of debilitating illnesses like ALS. We offer our sympathy, prayers, money, remedies, and sentiments, which are all very positive and appreciated. What’s missing, though? A little imagination and a broader…