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      Has anyone been using a breathing assist machine–not a cpap or bipap–but one that forces air into your lungs and then sucks it out? I have one, but I’m loathe to use it as I find it frightening. (I have a cpap and no problems with that). Could use some encouragement from others who use one–tips, suggestions, testimonials. Thanks.

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      Dave Williams

      I used a cough assist machine for a couple months but did not think it was helping and gave it back. It could have just been me, as i do not have any problems coughing. It was recommended to me because i wanted a suction machine and i guess the to machines go together. I kept the suction.

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      Michael Armstrong

      I have a cough assist machine. Sucks and blows, but it’s kind of aggressive – I wouldn’t want to use it for breathing. My CPAP blows in forcefully and then reduces pressure so it’s easy to push out, but it doesn’t use negative pressure. I think anything that truly aids the entire breathing cycle is pretty serious stuff.


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      I also have a cough assist which is made by Philips.  I only use it on occasion when I feel a build up of material deep in my throat, maybe once or twice a week, sometimes less.  It’s a personal decision.  It’s rough on the throat if you use it too often.  I use it much less than what was prescribed.   It’s also quite noisy.

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      Thanks for the feedback! They want me to use it every morning and every night. So far, I’m not having any trouble breathing, coughing, or clearing my throat.

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      Mike Leist

      I’ve found that the cough assist has been great as a training tool to keep lung capacity longer. And, as phlegm / mucus become an issue, especially in your lungs, it is a great tool.

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      Michael Armstrong

      I also have a “hyperinflator” device, which is basically a football-shaped device that allows you to inflate your lungs fully (and more) by squeezing it, forcing air out a tube with a mouthpiece on the end. This supposedly maintains lung capacity as your diaphragm weakens and normal breathing becomes very shallow. This also serves as a manual cough assist, since once inflated, you can cough the air out pretty forcefully.

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      Elizabeth Benz

      I’ve had a cough assist for several weeks now.  It blows air in and sucks it out.   It was on the lowest settings. I thought it was just keeping my lungs pliable.  Last week a bout of heavy congestion started with lots of nose blowing, coughing/choking.  I could feel the gunk rattling around in my throat but can’t cough well enough to get it out.  At times it would block my airway so I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

      I contacted my team and they upped the settings yesterday. It feels much more effective.

      Good luck.

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      If you are using a vpap unit at night, it forces air in and out of the lungs.  Mine is on the highest setting and I use it every night. It expands the lungs.  The cough assist in my opinion is like a tank when a motorcycle would be better.  So long as the phrenic nerve is in good shape, regardless of the machine, you will be able to breathe, but it is important to expand the lungs in some manner.
      <div class=”mod” lang=”en-US” data-md=”61″>
      <div class=”LGOjhe” role=”heading” aria-level=”3″ data-attrid=”wa:/description” data-hveid=”CAwQAw”><span class=”ILfuVd”><span class=”e24Kjd”>The <b>phrenic nerve</b> is a mixed motor/sensory <b>nerve</b> which originates from the C3-C5 spinal <b>nerves</b> in the neck. The <b>nerve</b> is important for breathing because it provides exclusive motor control of the diaphragm, the primary muscle of respiration.</span></span></div>
      <div class=”rc” data-hveid=”CAwQBA” data-ved=”2ahUKEwjZtvGDsMPpAhUEGc0KHaUZD9YQFSgCMAd6BAgMEAQ”></div>
      <div data-hveid=”CAwQBA” data-ved=”2ahUKEwjZtvGDsMPpAhUEGc0KHaUZD9YQFSgCMAd6BAgMEAQ”>I had a phrenic nerve conduction study a few years ago and the nerve conduction was very good.  I think if you use the cough assist a lot, it’s best to keep your throat well hydrated before each use.</div>

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