7 Interesting Facts About ALS


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is sometimes known as Lou Gehrig disease after the baseball player who famously suffered from the disease. We’ve listed seven facts about ALS you should know about with help from prevention.com and the ALS Therapy Development Institute.


The first symptoms of ALS usually appear in a patient’s hands or feet. They might find that they are dragging their feet, tripping over a lot or dropping things. Some patient’s symptoms first develop in the mouth and they experience difficulty talking.

Find out more about seven symptoms of ALS.

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  1. Min Zerm says:

    I wish you continued strength and positive thinking. I been doing some research since my husband’s pre-diagnoses is leading to ALS. If you have lived beyond what the “estimated 2-5” years after diagnosis like many others- I don’t understand the point of taking medication like Tiglutik – that simply slows down ALS progression for about 2-3 months. If you, for example, survived this beyond five years why would a medication like this be recommended, especially when the side effects can expedite ALS progression by affecting the liver, reduction of lung function etc. when I would think these are some of the risk ALS patients already face?
    If my husband can live 5-10 years by forgoing meds- is three months of slow progression with some common risk worth taking Meds ? Can you share any insight to these concerns?

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