ALS Stories: How Diet Changed My Life


In this video, Bernardo Pinto Coelho talks about his journey with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), explains his five rules for life and discusses how radically changing his diet brought about a change in his ALS symptoms.

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Bernardo talks about how a paleo diet, supplements, exercise, syntonic therapy and his faith in himself have managed to slow the progression of ALS, which he was diagnosed with in 2009. Bernardo and his father, a doctor, devised their own plan for treatment which consisted of a complete lifestyle change, but five years on Bernardo is still fighting fit and exercises for up to four hours each day.

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  1. wayne roberts says:

    Great Video.. Congrats on living and enjoying family and the beauty of the world. Keep the fight! I am having issues but not yet diagnosed. Will fight whatever I have.

  2. R Mäkel says:

    This is a beautiful story, but just one story. Are there more stories like this, about changing lifestyle (diet) and effect on ALS.
    I’m diagnosed with ALS 1 year ago, walking is not possible anymore. I believe in a good lifestyle, but I don’t want to switch after chosen one. Regular institutions in our country (netherlands) have no advises about this.

    • Beat Peter Lehmann says:

      Dear R Mäkel, don’t search for scientific proof. DO!!! what Bernardo is telling you and you’ll getting better every day! Personal experiences are more valuable than all scientific studies! Start fighting! You’ll win! Lots of love.

    • Julie Blichmann says:

      Find a doctor familiar with Lyme Disease. ALS is one of many common misdiagnoses for what is actually Lyme.

  3. Gretchen Nelson says:

    My husband died 6 months shy of being diagnosed. Bill had a horrible diet full of GLUTEN
    drank plenty and smoked.
    I truly believe that that and round up exposure played a huge part in this.
    Autoimmune. Heal the gut.
    GAPS diet. Stop the progression.
    Try the

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