ALS Journeys: Andy’s Final Goodbye


This video series by the Brattleboro Reformer follows Andy Leclaire’s journey with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In this particular episode, friends and family reflect on Andy’s life and his struggle with the disease. It focuses on how Andy’s loved ones are doing since he passed and the effect his death has had on their lives.

In this video, we meet some of the home hospice workers who looked after Andy.

Bereavement counselor, Connie Baxter, talks about the different emotions people go through when they lose someone dear to them, from shock to anger, guilt to deep sadness and how people need to take the time to work through all the different feelings they experience. Andy’s wife, Kathlyn talks about adjusting to life without Andy, and how she’s coping following his death.

Find out more about Andy’s journey with ALS here. 

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One comment

  1. Charlie says:

    This very sad story about Andy makes me admire his courage,greatly. What I find especially challenging is the religious faith of so many people that persists in the face of such huge adversity presented by ALS. The all-loving, all powerful God demands of you and I “Thou Shalt Not Kill !” Yet allows something or someone else full uninhibited license to kill us with ALS. Religious people say..”Oh no. That’s not God doing this, it’s Nature.” Who, then, is more powerful, God or Nature? If it is Nature then God is not all-powerful. If it is God then he stands aside and lets Nature kill on a whim. God is supposed to love us dearly. Yet the facts suggest that he clearly does not, and is content to torture us, or let us be tortured by this barbaric disease. Of course, if God does not exist at all, then we are at the mercy of these awful diseases etc, and the Celestial Big Brother is simply not there to lean on.

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