Prison Chaplain Shares His ALS Story


This video from the ALS Association Texas chapter is all about Steve. A recently retired chaplain for the federal prison system from Fort Worth, Texas, Steve is about to get married to his longtime sweetheart, Anna.

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Steve was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) following a fall while out running. He talks about how difficult it was to break the news to his family, particularly his children. However, Steve is determined not to let ALS stop him from living his life as he wants to. His words of advice for others? Don’t be afraid of ALS and choose to enjoy life.

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  1. Carol Mongiello says:

    I hope the als community heard president Trump last night when he called on congress to support THE RIGHT to TRY ACT. This act has already passed in the senate. This is NOT a time for democrats to focus on only their issues. This act affects all people with terminal illnesses no matter what their political affiliation, color or creed. This act may give HOPE to those affected by terminal illnesses. It baffles me that this act is relatively unknown in the medical community. Recently I heard of a young woman with a terminal illness who was fighting for a drug still in clinical trials that may have helped her. She went with God and a few months later the drug was approved that may have saved her life. How hard would you fight if this was your family or friend. My son wants to live. He’s been battling als for over 2 years and 3 months. He has rapid progression als. He is unable to walk or talk and needs 24 hour care. He has been a strong advocate of this act. He wants THE RIGHT to TRY. Call on your congressmen/women to support this act. Frankie’s mom, Carol.

  2. Charlie says:

    Don’t be surprised to find Big Pharma backing away in some, maybe not all, numbers from Right To Try. Taking an unapproved drug without proper dosage definitions established through the usual Phase 1/2/3 protocol might see some desperate pALS becoming very ill-indeed. The Pharma would then have even greater approval hurdles to jump before the drug is available at Rx.There are $$$$$$$ involved for them so they won’t all warm to the subject

    Right To Try can often be championed by Congress as a way to garner support and votes. It’s suspicious, and often a Virtue Signal.

    Far better to champion increased and rapid acceleration of promising therapies in the Phase 1/2/3 method, in my humble opinion.

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