How to Revive Your Daily Life Routines

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I’m one of those folks who follow daily life routines. Simply put, it’s a series of predictable habits that bring structure to my life and help me maintain a positive attitude while living with ALS. But try as I might, my daily routines did not survive the past few weeks of holidays! Of course, the fun, the fast tempo, and visits from friends and family were all worth the sacrifice. But now it’s time to dust things off and revive my trusty daily life routines.

Having daily life routines are important to everyone’s mental and physical health. Sure, variety is the spice of life, but too much variety can wear us down.

In my case, lively discussions extended meal times. I ate more meals at restaurants and my exercise dissolved to just getting into and out of vehicles. At night, I couldn’t fall asleep due to the parade of images and conversations that marched through my head. When the holidays were finally over, I felt out of sync, tired, and almost at that “Why bother?” stage.

Disruptions happen all around us. I remember the worst for me was during my first year of learning to live with ALS. What I noticed most was the pace of my life suddenly slowed down. For example, due to my ALS symptoms, certain expressions dropped out of my vocabulary — phrases like “jump out of bed” or “throw my clothes on” or “dash out the door.” These were things I just couldn’t do anymore. Instead, I learned to use, “Could you please?” and of course, “Thank you!”

But over time, I adapted to my new situation and built a brand new daily life routine, one that has served me well these past seven years. Disruptions happen, and when they do, I get right back on track again. When disruptions happen to you, try these tips and soon you’ll be back in sync in no time!

Align with your body’s biorhythm

We all have rhythmic biological cycles that affect our body, mind, and emotions. It helps to schedule your activities around them. For example, I know my physical energy is better in the morning than later in the day. So, my short bouts of exercise happen mostly before noon. Afternoon time is reserved for low-energy activities like writing and reading. I even meditate in the afternoon. A meditation app I like is Calm, as it offers free guided or timed meditations.

Balance your well-being

Wellness includes eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, and proper medication. It also has social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. Without those added aspects, we can easily lose our sense of self and give in to feeling isolated and defeated.

For me, writing this weekly column for ALS News Today taps into my intellect, helps me feel connected to the ALS community, and adds meaning and purpose to my life. Explore more about finding balance in your life journey in this column I wrote last year.

Transform a habit into a daily ritual

By adding special meaning to a daily life habit, it becomes an important ritual and so you will be less likely to drop it when life throws you a curveball.

I like to fall asleep each night mentally giving gratitude for all the positive things that happened during my day. This nightly ritual helps me maintain an optimistic attitude, as I find myself on the lookout for more and more positive events.

Did you know that by practicing gratitude we can become more stress-resilient?A professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, Robert A. Emmons, PhD, explains how in this short video

Give it a try. We can live well while living with ALS!


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Kelly Kagoshima avatar

Kelly Kagoshima

It's nice to hear that my funk isn't out of the norm. Still trying to find my balance and better mood....

Eileen Coyne avatar

Eileen Coyne

Dag - as always, you lift me up! Thank you. I just downloaded Calm and commit to listening to one segment this afternoon. I am blessed to have you in my life! Eileen

Kathy Braithwaite avatar

Kathy Braithwaite

I like Calm as well as You Tube Louise Hay affirmations. All free!

Dagmar Munn avatar

Dagmar Munn

Both excellent resources!

Barbara Wainwright avatar

Barbara Wainwright

Thank you Dag, for your inspirational and positive posts. I am fairly new to this diagnosis,so as you well know the physical and emotional toll is over bearing. I'm a retired pediatric nurse, have three grown children and seven grandchildren. I've always been the "care-taker". I've been in denial that my role is changing. I laud your honesty and sense of survival! You are my hero!

Dagmar Munn avatar

Dagmar Munn

Thank you Barbara! I send you courage, strength and humor... you may find my blog ALS and Wellness of interest and helpful as well:

Dan Duty avatar

Dan Duty

Great article...I particularly took note to the phrases no longer used and what phrases have been replaced

Michelle Osuski avatar

Michelle Osuski

I know what this disease is going to do. I took care of my Mother who died of ALS. I also live with a narcissist. So it's been a hard road. I came upon this newsletter and it has been a godsend to me. I'm feeding off the positive things people are posting. It helps me so much. We all need the positive. Thanks to everyone who posts on this blog.

Bennett Carlton avatar

Bennett Carlton

Yes we do... some nights are so hard... nice to see good words about it...
my the good lord help us

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