My COVID-19 Recovery Took Weeks, but I’m Staying Positive

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by Dagmar Munn |

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There I was, just living each day and minding my own business. I was following all the guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and wearing a mask everywhere I went, when all of a sudden, BAM! The COVID-19 virus found me.

What followed were three blurry weeks of isolation. The whole experience of COVID-19 recovery was a reminder that even though I live with ALS, I have the mental resiliency to make it through life’s many surprises and challenges.

My symptoms began on a Saturday night and were so eerily similar to the side effects I had felt after previously receiving two COVID-19 vaccines and a booster shot that deep down, I knew that I had the real thing. The rapid home test I took the next morning confirmed it. To make matters even more difficult, my husband, who is also my caregiver, tested positive, too.

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Reinventing seclusion

We both immediately went into isolation mode, canceling our upcoming appointments, checking our food supplies, and letting family members know. Around the house, Kleenex boxes began popping up like mushrooms. Then came the body aches, runny noses, and coughing. I swear, our tandem coughing spells sounded like an audition for “Dueling Banjos.”

In my case, having COVID-19 while living with ALS symptoms was not an easy go. My ALS often amplified the COVID-19 symptoms, especially the big, killer sneezes and the fatigue. I felt like tattered debris that had washed onto the beach after a shipwreck.

My attitude spiraled down

I’ll admit, I was not my positive self. No thoughts of “let’s look on the bright side and stay motivated” crossed my mind. Instead, I grumbled at the setback. How could we have caught COVID-19? I hardly ever go out, and when I do, I follow all the precautions to the letter. Doesn’t that count for something? Besides, I have things to do, emails to answer, and a column to write.

The nurse who checked us over assured us that she’s been seeing a lot of folks with COVID-19 who, like us, hardly ever went out. “It’s just a very contagious variant,” she added. So I gave up trying to figure out the how and why of our exposure and let my body’s immune system take over.

Poof! The whole week was gone.

The next week seemed to disappear as well. I thought I could sit at my computer and type out a column, but the words never came together. Fortunately, the folks at ALS News Today fully understood and encouraged me to take my time with recovery.

On the road to COVID-19 recovery

I have to say, it does take time to ease back into life after COVID-19. The good news is that my mood has improved, I’ve regained my appetite, and I’ve begun adding gentle exercise back into my day.

I know I will return to being super diligent about masking, social distancing, and keeping my hands clean. I’ll even be in line for the next booster when it’s available. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everything scary and uncertain, especially for people who have conditions like ALS.

But even though my bout with COVID-19 was humbling, you can expect me to continue to share motivation and wellness tips. After all, I still believe that we can learn to live well while living with ALS.

… Now, where was I?

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Gail Albert

So sorry for you and your husband, especially after doing everything right. I know my husband and I have been fortunate. We have not had Covid. We have followed a protocol of zinc, Vit. D 3, and N-Acetyl Cysteine. Everyday without fail. We had the first two Pfizer shots but nothing thereafter. I had heard from friends of adverse reactions to the boosters. And being my husband’s caregiver, I couldn’t risk the potential risks from a booster. Hope you both are feeling much better soon and pick up where you left off and continue on the mend.

Thank you also for your response to my question about reclining showers chairs.

Dagmar Munn avatar

Dagmar Munn

Thank you for your good wishes, Gail :-)

Being sick is no fun, and you're right - - caregivers have an extra responsibility to avoid illness.

Stay well! Best wishes to you and your husband. Dagmar

elizabeth mohr avatar

elizabeth mohr

So glad you were able to make it through
My sister age 54 bulbar onset 2+ years ago after what i believe was coxsaxi virus severe long sore throat is in icu wasnt able to get her oxygen levels up she was treated twice with plaxlovid at home and then redisvir in hospital now antibiotis prednisone and tussin to help remove mucus from right lower lobe She is fight like a rock star Princess she is and making progress Hoping to get her transitioned home soon

Dagmar Munn avatar

Dagmar Munn

Thank you, Elizabeth. And best wishes to your sister in her recovery from covid.

elizabeth avatar


I believe this ALS started as a virus and antivirals continuous can possible turn this around also studying on biome and healing her gut
praying for a miracle that she can speak and swallow once again


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