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    Most cases of ALS fall into the sporadic category, meaning that there is no evidence that there is an inherited mutated gene. However, for the people who do have a known mutated gene, or suspect they may, the stress and pressure of knowing or not knowing can be life altering.  I am grateful for all of the articles, discussions, tips and post that focus on how to remain positive and how this can benefit our mental as well as our physical health. The information I learn from our members has changed my way of thinking and my approach to many things.

    As for genetic testing, are you one of the people who are wondering if you have a genetic mutation? Would knowing change the way you live? Do you want more information about how to get genetic testing? Do you have a strong support system?  Are you in good mental health? This website provides some great inform about genetic testing and if you are a good candidate. http://www.alsa.org/als-care/resources/publications-videos/factsheets/genetic-testing-for-als.html.

    If you have questions or concerns about what the counseling or testing is like, feel free to message me.

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