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      Dave Rogers

      Friends, I am looking for ideas to make the transfer from a wheelchair on / off a toilet far easier.   We have a grab handle attached to the wall and a comfort height toilet but it still far from ideal.  I was thinking that there must be some sort of motorized toilet seat that would raise and lower to help but can’t find anything.  Given I expect that this is a common problem, I am surprised by the lack of options.   Any ideas / links to potential solutions is truly appreciated.

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      Mike Minardi

      You might want to look at a shower / potty chair. We use a shower buddy chair and it also tilts. We have added a Roho commode cushion to prevent pressure sores.

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      Hal Olson

      Hal’s wife, here, Elsie.  we have a  Linak motorized bidet that raises and lowers.  The frame is called “liftseat”, powered toilet lifts.  It was fine as long as my husband could transfer himself.  Now we use the shower/commode chair for him.



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      Dave-We acquired a LiftSeat from a friend whose husband had ALS. Here is a link to the item: https://liftseat.shop/products/liftseat-independence-ii-toilet-lift  This lift runs about $1400.  My husband can still stand up from seated position, but getting off the toilet is a challenge from time to time. The LiftSeat can be outfitted with a bidet, and if you get a bidet you’ll need an outlet closeby with 2 plugs–one for the LiftSeat and one for the bidet. My friend ordered several items fromLiftSeat (LiftSeat Independence II, Brondell 1400 Bidet, Bidet Extension Kit, Big Button Hand Pendant). We also have a splash guard. Contact info for LiftSeat is (630) 424-2840; [email protected]  Website: http://www.liftseat.com

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      Jim Knepp

      I am not sure that it is responsive to the issue, but I have a SureHands ceiling lift which I have used when my legs are too weak to transfer: my Wife puts a sling around my chest and legs and the ceiling lift moves me from my pwc to the toilet and back.

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      Thank you Jim! In some of the webinars caregivers have described ceiling tracks and I didn’t have a brand or knew what they were called–now I do. We were preparing to remodel our home and now, post ALS diagnosis, there are numerous modifications to consider e.g. blocking inside the walls for grab bars and folding shower seats, additional support infrastructure in the ceiling for tracks, extra plugs for power lift, ‘smart’ faucets, etc. Since we’re going to be on this ALS journey we’re aiming to reduce the daily struggles.

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