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      I am lucky to have my two dogs and two cats. I know that sounds like a lot of pets, but I live alone. At times, I worry about what will happen to them if something happens to me. They have provided me with such support and comfort through some very challenging times.  Although they are not registered support animals, I think a service dog or animal would be a great companion for a pALS. Do you have a support animal? How did you go about getting one?

      Check out this website for more information Paws to Consider – The ALS Association


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      Suzanne Gallo

      I seriously can not imagine any animals to take care of. It’s all I can do to take care of my PALS. Sometimes we go to bed late. Sometimes we sleep late. We have had pets for 30 years of our married life: now we have just each other. This is enough. I cringe to think of letting out a dog early in the morning- just after I might have gotten back to sleep, after helping my PALS get settled back to sleep.

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      I live alone and in May I adopted a rescue cat. She is 5 years old and has a gentle, playful adorable personality. She likes to sleep next to me at night and joins me on the couch when I watch TV. She is an indoor cat who likes to be near me all the time. It is comforting to have her as a therapy companion and it is amusing and a joy to watch her curious antics. Other then scoop out the litter box and put her food out twice a day, she is easy to take care of. I am a former dog owner and finally deciding on a cat instead has been a perfect decision for me.

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      I have 2 Beagles (2 and 5 y/o) and 3 cats ([email protected]/o [email protected]). They all think they are people, especially when it is time for me to eat. The dogs play with the cats and vice-versa, and mostly get along without a hitch. All of them but 1 are cuddle bots, and that 1 outlyer will curl up on my toes or feet if I provide a little wiggle on the chin from time to time.

      Mostly, they all give unconditional love. Seems like they sense when I am down, and they come over to give me a lift. Support animals or pets, I suppose they are two different critters, but they both have a supportive part no matter.

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