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      My dad is pALS and experiencing increasing walking difficulties that resemble the « Freezing Of Gait » (FOG) pattern, whereby he gets very hesitant to start walking, then walks fine (with a rollator), but has very sensitive balance and very small obstacles/slopes on the way may freeze him.

      Are you aware of anything that could help him ? He receives physio, but I was wondering if medication given for FOG in the case of Parkinson may help.

      Great thanks,


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      Mikki Maini

      I have the same issue with Freezing of Gait (FOG). My legs get very stiff in the middle of my walk (normally 15-20 feet) and I cant walk anymore or I fall down. I consulted my ALS doctor and he said to double up my dose of muscle relaxer Baclofen. I did that and I was fine for 3 days then it happened again.

      Finally I realized it was lack of sleep that was causing my FOG. If I sleep 8-9 hours straight I am fine, if I sleep 6-7 hours I have problems. I have started to take a melatonin 12 mg. (purchased from Amazon). I have done this for 9 days now and haven’t had any issues with FOG

      I am curious if anyone has tried an indoor infrared sauna to relieve muscle tightness like FOG or cramps


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      Hi Mikki

      I realized I had missed you reply : thank you for this. I will forwarded it on to my dad.
      Does it still hold btw ?


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