NFL Star Dwight Clark Reveals He Has ALS


Last week, former NFL player Dwight Clark revealed that he’s been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). According to a report in the LA Times, the 60-year-old first started experiencing symptoms in 2015 when he began losing strength in his left hand.

How to support someone diagnosed with a terminal illness

Clark announced his diagnosis in an open letter in which he reveals that he saw numerous neurologists and ALS specialists before being diagnosed. He describes his current symptoms of weakness in his right hand, abdomen, back and right leg and that he is unable to run, play golf or walk long distances.

Although the disease is affecting his life, Clark explains that doctors have told him that his ALS is progressing quite slowly compared to other ALS patients. He states that although he can’t know for sure, he believes that playing professional football led to the disease’s development.

Clark talks about the support he’s received, both from family and friends, but also from his former football club. His 49ers teammates have all contacted him to offer their support.

Is there a link between ALS and football?

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  1. My wife suffered heavy fall onto concrete floor, her high shoulder around neck area top of spine, bottom of brain stem took full force. Nothing broken but needed extensive physio for months. Went from very confident to nervous and hesitant very quickly. After 7yrs Bulbar ALS developed pretty sure her problems started with the fall, slow, very slow loss of weight, rounding shoulders and a reddening of the skin along the line of the spine between shoulder blades. It appeared her nervous system was slowly deteriorating. Appeared to be sporadic, no family history other than longitivity. If neck whiplash is in ALS frame, could NFL helmet protection be causing impact forces to be directed into certain areas around the neck, brain stem, spine area. Just a thought

  2. Michael says:

    We all want to figure out why or be able to blame something for our loved one that suffers from f***ing ALS. We want to find anything that can get rid of it or help her. It’s not there. We don’t know why or how or what caused it. It got my wife for no reason. She didn’t fall or play football or inherit it. Just happened and would’ve gladly taken it from her if I could’ve. Just keep trying to fight it, how it happened doesn’t matter anymore.

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